Tarja's Doll Photo Stories

These stories were originally uploaded to Flickr, but for a more permanent solution, I have decided to add them to my own domain. The stories are long, so I have divided them to several pages to make downloading faster. Click the pictures to view them larger. Each page has a link at the bottom that takes you to the next page of the story. This works for pages listed within one bulleted point. To continue from the last page, return to this page and choose another story.

If you're looking for the other doll stuff, it is at ths.fennotrans.fi.

Disclaimer: The characters of the stories are figments of my imagination, represented by various action figures and dolls. The characters may be named after the action figures and dolls that represent them, but that is only for the sake of convenience and should not be taken to infer that there is any other connection. Any resemblance to characters in literature, movies, television or elsewhere, fictional and otherwise, is purely coincidental.

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The latest addition to the 6th Scale Stories is the novel (text only) format. These stories are available for Kindle devices and Kindle app (click the cover picture below). These are standalone stories taking place in the 6th Scale Story world. You can use the Look Inside function on the Kindle Store page to read the beginning of the book. (The Amazon links in this section are my Amazon referral links, and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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Mad Hatter Story

Life in the Mad Hatter's house. Sanity not guaranteed. Story inspired by various horror and serial killer movies and the works of Stephen King, Alice Cooper and King Diamond, among others.

This is a separate story and although some of the dolls and sets used are the same as in the Kitty and Riddick story, they are entirely different characters and places.

The first story is also available as an ebook in the .mobi format (compatible with the Kindle app). You can download the book by right-clicking the picture and selecting the download option.

Muppet Stories

The Kitty and Riddick story started as Muppet Stories as the purpose was to create a story using the 6" Muppet figures made by Palisades Toys. However, other characters took over the story and I later changed the name to Kitty and Riddick Story. These are the sets I made under the name Muppet Stories.

Kitty and Riddick Story

The name of the story changes, but the familiar Muppet Stories characters will continue to appear, plus a variety of new ones. The first set starts with Kitty and Riddick getting their own home.

Other Small Scale Stories

Portal Knights Stories

These stories use the Portal Knights game and game characters. One of the characters (Max/Nikki) is the one the player can control, and the rest are movable NPCs (non-playable characters) that just stand where you put them and occasionally slightly change their stance, but cannot be controlled otherwise. This and the limited camera control posed some restrictions on making the screenshots, for example, the character that can be controlled has her back towards the camera most of the time, because there are just a couple of angles to get her face in the frame. The first story is done entirely with short video clips, but the next ones use screenshots with an occasional video where it works better.

Max the WarlockThe IntruderNikkiThe Library

6th Scale Stories

These stories take place earlier (about 20 years or so) than the Muppet Stories and the Kitty and Riddick Story. These are separate stories with recurring characters, set in the same time and city as the Fantasy Villa stories. The stories are listed in chronological order, oldest first.

The SickeningCluelessWho are you?Going for a drive/Hello Kitty/Icebat's problemBobo/Jet

The one big story with an underlying continuous plot really starts here, from the story "Annie." Here the links to next and previous pages work throughout the story. The book numbers refer to "6th Scale Photo Stories" books you can download below and read in reader that supports .mobi files (such as the Kindle app).

Book 1: AnniePhotoshootHarvey/Cleo/FrankieMay 1st/Sword Fight/Too Hot/Albino ClubDiscussions 1Discussions 2The Crime 1* • The Crime 2The Crime 3Kate/Modern Art/The Audition/Barbara

Book 2: The Grim Reaper/Claire/BonesNew Year/Half-breed/Greta/IdentityThe Play/Caroline/Eddie/BunniesNew FriendsDysfunctional FamiliesShoe Shopping/BellaDonna/Violin/AdventureTheater Visit/Strange AcquaintancesThe Not So Grim ReaperUncle Schizo/Prince

Book 3: Creation StoriesRochelle/GregNikki/Brian/CattyAnnie's friends/New job/At the barSteveQuestions

Book 4: John Doe 1John Doe 2TheoriesThe DealDennisWinona

Book 5: HitmanNight at the barThe Medium 1The Medium 2Who did it 1Who did it 2Do you believe in ghostsThe ContractMoving inParoleConman

Book 6: Hitman revisited 1Hitman revisited 2Hitman revisited 3Hitman revisited 4

Not in a book yet: Lucy

* The Feline Clause is related to photos 19 and 20 of this story.

The newer stories can be found in Instagram: @dollphotostories

The stories from "Steve" to "Hitman" can also be read as a visual novel made with TyranoBuilder:
Steve/Questions/John Doe/Theories/Deal/Dennis/Winona/Hitman

You can download a .mobi book from Google Drive by clicking the picture.

Other 6th Scale Things

The following show photos loosely connected with the 6th Scale Stories


Big Scenes

The Big Scenes photos present short stories featuring larger dolls (14 inches and taller).

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