Plastic 52

Easily influenced (27/52)

Easily influenced

Eggzorcist: Burn it to the ground.
Schizo: You've been watching Donnie Darko again, haven't you?
Eggzorcist: So what?
Schizo: Nothing. I was just wondering if I should start calling you Frank.

(November 17, 2011)

Waltzing (28/52)


Spectra: I guess you weren't lying when you said you're not good at this.
Schizo: I wasn't lying. I never got past the stage of "shuffling your feet awkwardly."
Spectra: It's all right. At least you agreed to try. But I'm sure you could do a bit better. After all, you're the one who's supposed to be alive.

(November 22, 2011)

Is this supposed to be better company than us? (29/52)

Is this supposed to be better company than us?

I've been practically glued to the Xbox controller on my free time since Friday. As you can see, I have even reached the time target on about 2/3 of the levels as those marked with darker green are the levels where all targets have been met. I first thought the time targets wouldn't be possible, but when you play through a level many times trying to get the other ones, it gets easier, and sometimes I even got the time target accidentally while I was going for another one.

With 90 levels, 4 targets on each, the maximum number of atoms (points shown in the upper left corner) is 360. I've played more since taking this photo and my score is now around 330. There are still a few levels from which I may get a point or two, but the rest are impossible for me. However, I'll soon get more levels to play as the Rare Earth Elements pack with 30 additional levels will be released on November 30. So, I guess I'll stay glued to the controller for a few evenings more.

(November 28, 2011)

You want horror? (30/52)

You want horror?

"All you need to do is ask. Ever heard of the movie Puppet Master?"


I have said that I don't like shooting or fighting games, but I saw this at a very reasonable price and somehow ended up buying it. I like it. Of course I'm getting killed a lot, because I'm too slow and get confused with all the controls and press wrong buttons or do stuff at the wrong time, but it's still fun. I've read reviews about the game and some people complain about the fact that it's not an open world and you can't go exploring, but I find it easier to play a game that effectively tells me what to do and where to go next. An open world would probably just get me too confused.

(November 30, 2011)

I'll show you horror (31/52)

I'll show you horror

Max: What are you doing?
Schizo: None of your business!
Max: Put that back! Are you crazy? It's nice and warm here with no rent to pay and you're going to screw up all that? I won't let you!

(December 18, 2011)

Lengthwise or crosswise? (32/52)

Lengthwise or crosswise?

- Promise? No more touching the knives.
- I promise! I'll never touch them again!

(December 22, 2011)

Clowns are supposed to be funny (33/52)

Clowns are supposed to be funny

(December 25, 2011)

Yeah, yeah, I see. It's snow. Big deal. (34/52)

Yeah, yeah, I see. It's snow. Big deal.

"Can we get back inside already? I'm freezing my ass off here."

(January 8, 2012)

Quick, before she comes back! (35/52)

Quick, before she comes back!

(January 12, 2012)

You skipped a week! (36/52)

You skipped a week!

- Don't think I didn't notice. I thought we had a deal. If you do it again, I'll start posting embarrassing photos of you in the web. - What's this? Looks very official. What have you done?
- Nothing, it's just a notice of my right to vote in the presidential elections.
- It's the second round now, right? So, you can choose between the grumpy old banker with a wife half his ageónot that there's anything wrong with thatóor the cheery queer, who wants to be everybody's friend. Who's it gonna be?
- None of your business.
- Have you thought about all the fun there would be with the protocol, if the queer happened to win? There was enough trouble in that one meeting where they had arranged separate program for the statesmen's wives and then one president was a woman and brought her husband.
- Protocol was made for people, not the other way round. There's always a way.
- That's what you think.

(January 27, 2012)

Trouble (37/52)


Schizo: I knew they would only give you cola, so I brought something better.
Tori: Who are you?
Danny: Unca Sitso!
Schizo: Not quite. Schizo, at your service.
Tori: And you thought bringing that would be a service?
Schizo: Naturally. It is very expensive cognac. Got a lucky break at the races.
Tori: Let's make something clear right now. I do not drink and I most definitely do not approve of gambling.
Schizo: What a pity. Another friendship ended before it even started. And you didn't even tell me your name.
Nikki: She's Tori. She's not all feline, but we don't mind.

(January 31, 2012)

Bye bye, Paddington! (38/52)

Bye bye, Paddington!

Schizo: We heard you're leaving.
Paddington: That's right. Onwards to new adventures!
Nikki: Where are you going?
Paddington: Well, the MLL is arranging this toy collecting thing and they'll be rehoming toys donated by people, so I have no idea where I will end up. Isn't it exciting?
Emma: I think it's scary.
Schizo: I'm sure you'll be fine. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Nikki: Don't do even half of what he would do!

(February 9, 2012)

Magic Frame photo (39/52)

Magic Frame photo

This week's Schizo photo is also one of the Magic Frames.
(Refers to the Magic Frame function in the Samsung MV800 digital camera.)

(February 16, 2012)

Now what (40/52)

Now what

Schizo: A royal wedding again?
Nikki: No, why do you ask?
Schizo: You always take that stuff out when there's a royal wedding.
Emma: Not a wedding this time, but a baby girl. A real princess.
Nikki: Isn't it cool? The future queen got a baby, who's also a future queen.
Schizo: Sure, and it'll be even more cool when that poor girl is old enough to understand that she's public property and that her life has been planned for her all the way to the grave.
Emma: What are you talking about?
Schizo: I'm talking about the fact that she will probably never get to do things she really wants to do, because as the heir to the throne her main task is to outlive her mother, so she can become the queen after her.
Nikki: You make it sound so boring.
Schizo: Not to mention the fact that she'll never have any real power. I mean, what's the point, if you can't yell "off with her head" and expect people to do your bidding without a question, except maybe "right now or do we serve the lunch first?"

(February 25, 2012)

None of you either? (41/52)

None of you either?

"Here I am, thinking I'm the most eligible bachelor, and not even one proposal all day. Oh well, nevermind, the drinks are on me anyway."

(February 29, 2012)

Greta (42/52)


Schizo: I love the outfit, but I thought you didn't want attention.
Greta: You can wear anything nowadays without people paying too much attention. At the most, they think wearing something like this makes you a nutcase, which means they won't bother you.
Schizo: I can see the point in that. So, what are you doing in the city?
Greta: I came to see some friends. If I understand correctly, they're your friends too. Mina and Spectra.
Schizo: You know them? I guess I should have known. Too bad I need to leave. Although, you probably have some girl stuff to talk about and I would be a nuisance.
Greta: It's not "girl" stuff, but otherwise you're correct. No offense.

(March 9, 2012)

Where should I start? (43/52)

Where should I start?

"Don't say from when I was a child, I'll be bankrupt and you'll have a nervous breakdown before we get from there to this day."

(March 18, 2012)

Felicia (44/52)


Schizo: I thought you didn't drink.
Felicia: Excuse me? Who are you?
Schizo: So now you don't even remember me? Come on, it's not like I was rude or anything.
Felicia: Maybe you haven't been rude before, but now you are. Who are you?
Schizo: You mean...? But we just met the other day. You're Tori, right?
Felicia: I should have realized. I'm Felicia, Tori's big sister. And you are?
Schizo: Schizo. I'm sorry, but you look just like her.
Felicia: If you don't count the tail.
Schizo: Tail? Doesn't she...? Oh yes, she was sitting and I guess I just assumed...
Felicia: That she had one, but it wasn't in sight. I know. So, where did you meet her?

(March 23, 2012)

Who is the scariest of them all? (45/52)

Who is the scariest of them all?

"This little green guy is saying that he's scarier than me. Ridiculous, isn't it?"

(April 1, 2012)

All together now: Happy Easter! (46/52)

All together now: Happy Easter!

(April 7, 2012)

Preparations (47/52)


Schizo: I see you're well prepared.
Celia: Of course. I'm going there to win.
Schizo: You know, that dress would look better without the jumpsuit.
Celia: It's a fight, not a beauty contest. I'm only wearing the dress, because the rules say I must and it actually does provide some protection. Fortunately, the rest is up to the contestants themselves. You've said it yourself, find the loopholes and use them.
Schizo: The others are going to raise hell, if they haven't figured it out.
Celia: Not my problem.
Schizo: The helmet looks heavy.
Celia: It's not, it's made of durable but light materials. No use anybody sneaking behind me to hit me in the head.
Schizo: You've got it all covered then, but of course I should have known that. All right, you go there and beat them senseless. I expect nothing less of you.
Celia: You're such a charmer.

(April 14, 2012)

I told you I'd do it (48/52)

I told you I'd do it

"You missed a week. Again."

(April 28, 2012)

So, what do you say? (49/52)

So, what do you say?

Schizo: I say: Where are the heels? You can't walk with those.
Spectra: Oh, darling, you're so impatient. Nobody said they'd be finished by now. I meant, how do you like them so far?
Schizo: All right, I guess. But they really should be finished by now.

(May 6, 2012)

I want to make a formal complaint (50/52)

I want to make a formal complaint

Schizo: The current state of affairs is totally unacceptable. This isn't what we signed up for. Just look, almost no doll photos this month!
Tori: Here we go again.
Schizo: This is really insufferable! How long do you think we can go on like this?
Daria: He's really getting into speed now.
Laura: If he thinks this is so insufferable, he should just go away. I think this is actually quite nice.
Lagoona: So do I. I love strawberries.
Schizo: Ladies, a bit of respect, please. I'm doing this for all of us.
Daria: Oh, come on, this isn't so bad. Have a drink and relax a little.

(May 12, 2012)

Eva (51/52)


Schizo: It's nice to meet you again. You know, you look taller than last time.
Eva: I'm wearing high heels. These make you look a lot taller than you really are.
Schizo: If you say so. Are you coming or going?
Eva: Going. To a party. Jet let me borrow this dress. She said it's no use buying a dress just for one night.
Schizo: Very sensible. Need any help getting there? I've got a car outside.
Eva: Thanks, but it's all taken care of. Harvey should be here any minute. He's taking me and some other people there.
Schizo: It's such a waste.
Eva: What is?
Shcizo: Him driving beautiful models around. I'm sure he doesn't even realize how lucky he is.
Eva: I'm sure you know not all models are girls.

(May 20, 2012)

Finished (52/52)


Schizo: It is my great pleasure to announce that this project is over. For good. Schedule-wise, I declare it an abysmal failure, but the photos are quite nice, which shouldn't be a surprise to anybody, considering their main subject. I would like to thank all the ladies who appeared in the photos with me and still remain my friends. And don't worry, although this project is over, you will be seeing me in the 6th scale stories, but I'm sure you already knew that. After all, what would the stories be without me?
Emma: Tell them about the other series!
Schizo: Um, well, that's not certain yet. Negotiations are ongoing...
Emma: Tell them!
Schizo: All right. So, there are plans for me to appear in another series, but nothing is certain yet. I will tell you more details once I know them myself.

(May 25, 2012)

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