Adventures of a little pink bunny

Bunny in Bugatti

Bunny in Bugatti

Can I get you anything else?

Restaurant scene

Bunny's career plans

Easter bunny

- When I grow up I want to be an Easter Bunny too.
- Forget it, kid. Get a decent job. You don't want to be unemployed for the most part of the year.

Bunny hitches a ride

Catwoman on a Harley

Bunny learns to play pool

Pool table

Bunny's in trouble

Kitchen scene

- Hey, you two! What are you doing? There's nothing for you in there.

Bunny's in trouble, part 2

The well

- You're lucky I happened to come by. I guess we'll need to cover that well after all. I thought no one would be stupid enough to fall in it, but it seems that I was wrong.

Bunny needs a lesson in reproductive biology

Inside an egg

a.k.a "Bunny will be in trouble"

Bunny interrupts a photo shoot

Glamour photo shoot

Bunny gets stuffed

Wine and chocolate cake

Bunny's house

Bunny's house

Bunny lives in a little house with no electricity or running water, but it is still a very nice house.

Teddy Bear's house

Wooden house

Bunny's friend Teddy Bear lives in a little shack in the forest. He has built it all with his own paws from things he has found in the woods.

Bunny's in trouble, part 3

The owl

- I saw a big fat Easter Bunny heading that way.

Bunny finds a jacuzzi


Bunny's in trouble, part 4

In jail

- But I was just an innocent bystander.
- Really? Why were you carrying this then?

Bunny joins a cult

The altar

- You know, I think I'm having second thoughts about this.

Bunny's getting out of trouble

Graveyard scene

- Take him, he's human! Vampires prefer human blood! I know, I saw "Interview with the Vampire!"

Bunny's in trouble again

Vending machine

- Get me out of here!
- How on earth did you manage to get in there?

Bunny's in a real stew

Swedish chef

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I am cooking a bunny
And I feel like a-lovin stew
Bunny, you're such a sweet thing
Good enough to eat thing

Modified version of Ohio Express song "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy"

Bunny gets saved

Kermit to the rescue

- Stop it! What are you doing? That's one of the guests!

Gone in 60 seconds - or maybe not

Car thief

- If only I could get my foot on the pedal...
- And what do you think you're doing?

Bunny behind the wheel

Driving the car

There was a pink bunny who lived in a shoe

Bunny in a shoe

Bunny as a trainee, part 1

White Rabbit trainee

- I'm late! I'm late!

Bunny as a trainee, part 2

White Rabbit trainee

- Well of course I'm late! This bloody watch weighs a ton. I should have never agreed to this. I'm not even white!

Bunny's building a keyboard

Anarchist keyboard

Little My: What are you doing?
Bunny: I'm building a keyboard.
Little My: So where are the rest of the keys?
Bunny: This is all you need. This is an anarchist keyboard. See, first you break windows, then you escape.

On the road again

Road trip

In the lab

In the lab

Olivia: Oh, a bunny! I was hoping for a guinea pig, but you'll do just fine.
Bunny: For what?
Olivia: I'll explain later. Are you thirsty? Here, have some of this!

Don't blink

Don't blink

Moominmamma: Whatever you do, don't blink!
Bunny: I knew not having eyelids would come in handy one day.

Bunny as a babysitter

Bunny as a babysitter

- I swear this is the last time I take a job without seeing the kid first.

Night of the living dead

Night of the living dead

Sheep: Aaaaah! They're getting in! We're doomed!
Bunny: Shut up! Panic won't help. We need to do something!
Sheep: Like what?
Bunny: Well, I was thinking of throwing you out of the door...

Where's the phone?

Where's the phone?

- Hey! There's no phone in here!