The story begins

The story begins 1

Story begins 1

Emma: Any idea whose house this is?
Olivia: Nope. Does it matter? They're long gone.
Emma: You sure?
Olivia: Yeah, Jack checked the house and perimeter. All safe, at least for now.

The story begins 2

Story begins 2

Emma: There's somebody outside.
Olivia: Grab something heavy. I'll use this.
Emma: Okay. Remember to...
Olivia: Aim for the eye or ear. I remember. I just wish we had guns.
Emma: Maybe uncle Harry manages to find some.

The story begins 3

Story begins 3

Jack: Would you mind pointing that somewhere else?
Olivia: Sorry, we thought...
Jack: Yeah, I know. I'm glad to see you ladies are prepared.
Emma: Is everything all right?
Jack: Fine so far. That repellant seems to be working. Where's Harry?
Olivia: Looking for supplies. He wants to find guns. I want him to find guns.
Jack: Let's hope he succeeds.

The story begins 4

Story begins 4

Emma: I still think this house is too open.
Olivia: The repellant is working and we won't turn on the lights. They won't find us very soon.
Jack: We need to rest. This is the best I could find. And those windows are bullet proof glass. Makes you wonder who lived here.
Olivia: Probably some mobster.

The story begins 5

Story begins 5

Olivia: I'm going upstairs. I need to continue working.
Jack: How long will it take?
Olivia: I have no idea. The Prof got far, but not far enough.
Emma: At least he managed to make the repellant.
Olivia: Yes, that stuff gives us time, but we can't stop running until we find the cure.
Jack: Cure?
Olivia: Okay, it's not a cure, but at least it'll get rid of them and then the rest of us can pick up the pieces. Whatever there's left to pick.

The story begins 6

Story begins 6

Jack: You think you could use this?
Emma: I've never tried.
Jack: You better start trying. It's not a gun, but it's a hell of a lot better than bare hands.
Emma: Okay. I could use some help.
Jack: Sure. All you need to learn is to chop off heads. No fancy moves, just simple decapitation.
Emma: Simple? It's totally revolting.

The story begins 7

Story begins 7

Emma: Why do you stay in that form all the time?
Jack: Does it bother you?
Emma: No... not really. I was just wondering.
Jack: The change uses energy and I'm much more efficient fighter in this form.
Emma: I guess you are. How did you... I mean... why...
Jack: I was born like this. Have you ever met a shapeshifter before?
Emma: No. - Jack... I'm glad you're with us. Uncle Harry's good with guns, but we only have one.
Jack: Maybe he'll bring more when he comes back. I really don't like him going out alone.
Emma: You know we can't stop him. He was just waiting for you to leave.
Jack: I know. And he's not my responsibility.

The story begins 8

Story begins 8

Emma: Is that it?
Olivia: The latest batch. Now we need to find something to test it.
Emma: Don't you mean someone?
Olivia: No, something. Those are not people. Not anymore.
Emma: If it works, what do we do next?
Olivia: We find a radio station and tell people how to make it and use it. Then we just hope somebody's still listening.
Emma: Do you think people will be able to make it?
Olivia: It's not too difficult and the ingredients should be left in big supermarkets. I doubt survivors have had any use for them. Who cares about farming or gardening when on the run?

The story begins 9

Story begins 9

Emma: Olivia, are you and Jack...?
Olivia: What? Oh! No, nothing like that. He's nice, but I've still got a husband somewhere out there.
Emma: But what if he's... you know?
Olivia: Then I'll put him out of his misery. I owe him that much.
Emma: I could never do something like that.
Olivia: I'm not happy about the idea either, but you do what you must. You'll understand it some day. - Is that a car?
Emma: It's uncle Harry!

The story begins 10

Story begins 10

Jack: Harry.
Harry: Save the lectures. I can take care of myself. Everything all right here?
Jack: Fine. I see you were lucky. Who's that?
Harry: That's Jim. We sort of ran into each other.

The story begins 11

Story begins 11

Jim: You're Jack, right? Now I understand what Harry meant when he said you're unique.
Jack: Is that a problem?
Jim: Not at all. I suspect you're worth at least two guys in unarmed combat.

The story begins 12

Story begins 12

Harry: Look at this! Jim was kind enough to hand it over to me. Much better than a revolver.
Jack: Very nice. And what's this? Did you raid a museum or where did this come from?
Harry: Actually, I did. Even one shot is better than none at all, and then you can always shove it up their a... oh, Emma. Are you all right?
Emma: Yes, uncle Harry. - Who are you?
Jim: I'm Jim. Pleased to meet you, Miss.
Emma: Just call me Emma. Are you in the army or did you just take their stuff?

The story begins 13

Story begins 13

Jim: I was in the army. Actually, I was just about to be booted out when the shi... um, the trouble started. A small problem with a superior.
Jack: How small?
Jim: A right hook. He deserved it. Then later, I got the pleasure of caving his head in when he went crazy and tried to kill me.

The story begins 14

Story begins 14

Olivia: You're in the army? What are they doing now? Any news from Fort Brick?
Jim: There is no army and Fort Brick is finished.
Olivia: Oh...

The story begins 15

Story begins 15

Jim: Did I say something?
Jack: That's Olivia. Her husband was at Fort Brick.
Jim: Too bad. Well, there's still some hope. I think some guys got out in time, but I have no idea where they are now. And of course there's the navy.
Emma: Navy?
Jim: Yes. It's not very easy to invade a nuclear sub and most took to the sea when it started. And they ditch dead bodies right away, so even if somebody turned, they wouldn't have the time to cause trouble. The big ships are fairly safe too. I'd like to see one of those things climb the side of an aircraft carrier. Just can't be done.

The story begins 16

Story begins 16

Jim: So, I hear you're trying to find a way to fix things.
Emma: That's Olivia. She worked at the university and her professor got the work started, but then he...
Jim: I can guess. Any success?
Emma: She just got the latest batch ready and now she needs someone... no, something to test it.
Jim: You mean one of those things? Shouldn't be a problem. Actually, where are they? I didn't see any for the last few hundred meters.
Emma: It's the repellant. One of the Prof's inventions. It keeps them away for a while.
Jim: That Prof sounds like a useful guy. Too bad he didn't make it. - Any chance of getting some food here? I haven't eaten a decent meal for a week.

The story begins 17

Story begins 17

Jack: We better get in. Repellant or not, it's better to be out of sight.

The story begins 18

Story begins 18

Emma: That's been frozen for a long time, so maybe it isn't...
Jim: After army rations, it's delicious. How did you manage to get frozen chicken?
Emma: Uncle Harry worked at the hydro station and we've kept it going to get power. We hid some freezers and as much food as we could fit into them.
Jim: So how come you're not staying at the power station?
Emma: Jack says we can't stay put for too long, because those things always find us eventually.
Jim: Makes sense.