New Year 1

New Year

Spectra: So, where are all the props?
Schizo: Somebody was "too tired" to set up anything. Again.
Spectra: Well, at least there's the fridge.
Schizo: Good thing that somebody was also too tired to put it away. What will you have? Booze or ice cream?
Spectra: Both. Lots of it.
Schizo: I like you more every day.

New Year 2

New Year

Frankie: Who's your little friend?
Nikki: He's Danny. Francine's his mom. Danny's here, because his babysitter had to go to something called a jury.
Frankie: Oh. Do you know which case it is?
Nikki: I don't know anything, except that Francine and Dana were whispering about something and then stopped when they saw me.
Frankie: I guess I know which case it is. - So, let's see what we have here. Schizo said they left the other tub of ice cream for us, and I see there are also strawberries. Not a bad start for a year.

Half-breed 1


Schizo: I knew they would only give you cola, so I brought something better.
Tori: Who are you?
Danny: Unca Sitso!
Schizo: Not quite. Schizo, at your service.
Tori: And you thought bringing that would be a service?
Schizo: Naturally. It is very expensive cognac. Got a lucky break at the races.
Tori: Let's make something clear right now. I do not drink, and I most definitely do not approve of gambling.
Schizo: What a pity. Another friendship ended before it even started. And you didn't even tell me your name.
Nikki: She's Tori. She's not all feline, but we don't mind.

Half-breed 2


Nikki: Uncle Schizo meant well, he couldn't know you don't drink.
Tori: Are you saying he's not familiar with felines?
Nikki: Of course he is, he's known us for a long time.
Tori: Then he should know that most felines don't drink alcohol. It just doesn't work the same way with us.
Nikki: Mom used to drink when she was young, but she stopped when she got pregnant and hasn't done it since.
Tori: That's the way it usually goes. Anyway, catnip's a lot safer. And if you really need a drink, you can make catnip tea.
Danny: What's catnip?
Tori: It's... um... it's medicine for adults.
Danny: Yuck!

Half-breed 3


Abbey: Eeeeee! Kitties! I love kitties!
Tori: Excuse me. We are not "kitties." We are felines.
Abbey: Felines?
Nikki: It's rude for adults to call us anything else than felines. Didn't you know?
Abbey: Sorry. First time I meet people like you. I won't say it again.
Tori: That's all right then. I'm Tori, the little one is Danny, and that's Nikki.
Abbey: I'm Abbey. I'm new here.
Tori: That makes two of us.

Half-breed 4


Danny: Big teeth!
Tori: Hush, Danny! That's not polite.
Abbey: It's all right, I don't mind. I know they're big.
Danny: Nice.
Abbey: You like them?
Nikki: Maybe he thinks you're related to us. We've been reading about the saber-toothed cats. They had really big teeth.
Abbey: You don't have big teeth. Shouldn't you...?
Tori: I'm only half-feline, and Nikki and Danny aren't old enough.

Half-breed 5


Francine: Danny, time to go!
Danny: Mom...
Francine: Now!
Nikki: Francine, these are our new friends, Abbey and Tori. This is Francine, Danny's mom.
Abbey: It's nice to meet you. Danny's a nice boy.
Francine: Yes, he is. A bit too nice, sometimes. Come on, Danny!
Tori: Better do as she says, sonny. She's starting to sound menacing.
Francine: You stay out of this!

Half-breed 6


Abbey: What just happened?
Tori: My fault. I'm not suitable company for little felines.
Abbey: Why not? You were very friendly.
Nikki: Is it because you're half-breed?
Tori: Yes. They act like it's contagious or something.
Nikki: I didn't know Francine is like that.
Tori: Have you ever met others like me?
Nikki: No, you're the first one. Mom says there aren't many.
Tori: And what would she say, if she knew you're talking to me?
Nikki: Nothing. She doesn't hate your kind, she just says it's hard to be like you.



Schizo: I love the outfit, but I thought you didn't want attention.
Greta: You can wear anything nowadays without people paying too much attention. At the most, they think wearing something like this makes you a nutcase, which means they won't bother you.
Schizo: I can see the point in that. So, what are you doing in the city?
Greta: I came to see some friends. If I understand correctly, they're your friends too. Mina and Spectra.
Schizo: You know them? I guess I should have known. Too bad I need to leave. Although, you probably have some girl stuff to talk about and I would be a nuisance.
Greta: It's not "girl" stuff, but otherwise you're correct. No offense.



Greta: Still doing the private eye stuff, Mina? I've never understood how you can do it without any paperwork.

Mina: I only work for clients who don't want a paper trail. They don't want proof that would hold in a court of law. They just want to know.

Spectra: I bet the people you investigate can't figure out how they were discovered.

Mina: You wouldn't believe how paranoid some of them are, but of course, they can't do anything about me as they won't even see me. I just love my job.

Greta: Doesn't it ever bother you? You know, the kind of people you work for...

Mina: I watch, I listen, I report, and I take the cash. What happens afterwards is none of my business. Although, very often it becomes everybody else's business as it's on the front pages of all the newspapers. Like, there was this mob boss... but maybe it's better not to talk about it.

Spectra: I couldn't do it. I mean, I know some of them probably deserve it, but still...

Mina: You've never told us what you do. It's gotten so hard to do anything without an identity.

Spectra: I've got an identity. It's a borrowed one, but works just as well.

Greta: Borrowed with or without the approval of the owner?

Spectra: She knows all about it. We made a deal.

Mina: Really? How did you manage that?

Spectra: There are always old ladies with lots of money and an interest in spiritism. She was delighted to meet a real ghost. She's also an invalid and doesn't have much fun, so she gives me money and the use of her name, and I visit her regularly and tell her what I've been doing with them. I never do anything illegal, and if there's anything a bit dubious, she can always say "Look at me, I'm old and I've been in a wheelchair for 25 years. Do you really think I'm able to do something like that?" Works every time.

Greta: Sounds like a great arrangement.

Spectra: It is. And I've been teaching her that out-of-body stuff. She's not very good at it, but even a few minutes at a time makes her really happy. Still, I think the greatest part for her is that she got to know what will come after, although she won't get to stay. She has no grudges, and she's the sweetest old lady I've ever seen, so she'll go upstairs straight away.

Mina: And then you'll find another rich old lady?

Spectra: Sure. There are plenty of them. The trick is to make them understand that they can't talk to others about me. That'll get them committed, and then they can't give me any more money. People who expect to inherit a fortune can be really protective of their future money.

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