The Wizard

The Wizard 1

Wizard 1

Snork Maiden: Who's that?
Moomintroll: It's Gandalf! What's he doing here?
Snork Maiden: That Gandalf? Cool!
Moominpappa: Good day, sir! Are you sure you're in the right place? This is Moominvalley, not Middle-earth.
Gandalf: A wizard is always in the right place. Although, I must confess I have never heard of Moominvalley. What is this place? And who are you?
Moominpappa: I am Moominpappa and this is my house. Would you like to come in for some refreshments? I'm sure Moominmamma would be delighted to meet you.
Gandalf: With pleasure. It has been a long journey. I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

The Wizard 2

Wizard 2

Moominpappa: Here are Moomintroll and Snork Maiden.
Moomintroll: Nice to meet you, sir. We've read all about you.
Snork Maiden: We can take care of your horse.
Gandalf: Thank you, that's very kind of you.
Moominpappa: Let's go in. I've got a nice bottle of single malt stored for special occasions, and I think this counts as one.

The Wizard 3

Wizard 3

Snork Maiden: I thought he was just a legend.
Moomintroll: All legends start somewhere.
Snork Maiden: I wonder how he got here. Hey, do you think we could get to Middle-earth, if we tried? If he came from there...
Moomintroll: Forget it. There are all sorts of evil creatures there. I've read about it.

The Wizard 4

Wizard 4

Moominmamma: This is so exciting! We've never had a real wizard here before.
Gandalf: It was very kind of your husband to invite me in.
Snork Maiden: Help! Monsters!
Moomintroll: There are monsters outside!

The Wizard 5

Wizard 5

Gandalf: Yes, they certainly are monsters. I'm terribly sorry. I encountered a few of them earlier. These must have followed me here. Please wait inside while I go and take care of them.
Moominmamma: Be careful!
Gandalf: I have dealt with much worse, but I'll be careful.

The Wizard 6

Wizard 6

Moominpappa: Oh dear! What are those?
Gandalf: Were. Living dead. Nasty things, but a lot easier to deal with than orcs. Now, did you say something about single malt?

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